Thursday, March 26, 2009

CPS 063, Cargo Cults

CPS 063, Cargo Cults

Recorded on March 26th. Rich and a special guest from the Sons of Kryos podcast bring you the best of the week's booty and Ryan Macklin stops by to talk with Rich about Hacking Modules.

Show Notes for CP63:
  • Fair is Fair (found on Trollsmyth's blog)
  • The Death of RPGs (also found on Trollsmyth's blog)
  • Zak Arntson's games for kids
  • Midnight's Lair episode on games for kids
  • What is D&D? (from A Butterfly Dreaming)
  • Ron Edwards' thoughts on D&D
  • Ryan Macklin and Rich Rogers discuss hacking modules

Ron Edwards' Post on Cargo Cults *be warned*
What's is D&D?
Kids RPGs
Midnight's Lair episode on games for kids

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