Monday, May 25, 2009

CPS 068, If I am the Killy-est Dude

Rich and Mick gather to discuss two weeks’ worth of interesting and mind-boggling RPG tidbits culled from the digital aether. As a special treat in the last segment, Ogre Whiteside and Mickey Schulz join in the fun.

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Items of Discussion:



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CPS 067, Tell Us, Tellas

Another edition of Fun with Mick-n-Rich dive-bombs you with tales of grand schemes, great blog posts, and heaping bucketfulls of enthusiasm. Join us for episode 67!

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CPS 066, Jason Morningstar on Fiasco

Jason Morningstar of Bully Pulpit Games joins Rich for a discussion on Jason’s upcoming game Fiasco.

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Check out Bully Pulpit Games for Jason’s other great games, including Grey Ranks and The Shab-al-Hiri Roach!

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CPS 065, Changing How We Daydream

Rich, Mick, and Norwood are joined once again by honorary canoneer Judd Karlman for an engaging discussion about what whet our rpg appetites last week. Be sure to “read the rest” and comment with your own impressions and follow the links contained in the show notes.

Show Notes:

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CPS 064, Ten-Foot Poles

Rich and Mick are joined once again by Judd Karlman for a rousing discussion of play experiences, opinions, and ideas inspired by the following bits of treasure we gleaned during the last week of March. Episode 64 is unleashed!:

* But I’m Your Long Lost Brother! from Bonescroll
* Demihuman Oddities from Grognardia
* Skill Resolution from Keep on the Gaming Lands
* Optimism, Action, and How To Be The Neighborhood Pulp Hero from Tim Byrd
* Hard Boiled Cultures from OBE, Evil Hat and the S7S preorder on IPR

The “Ryan Macklin” promo was actually Clyde Rhoer of the excellent podcast Theory From the Closet.

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