Thursday, August 28, 2008

CPS 49, GenCon 2008 Goodies

Canon Puncture Show Episode 49

00:03 Intro Music
01:00 promo
01:06 Episode 49 Pre-ramble
02:30 Hidden Grid promo (
02:57 9 cool things that we saw or did at GenCon 2008 (inspired by Jason Morningstar's "One Cool Thing I saw at GenCon 2008":
05:25 Norwood's 3 Cool Things
Games on Demand room
Zebraman (
Kagematsu and Ashcan Front (
08:44 Our Cool Thing #0 Diana Jones Awards Winners Jason Morningstar for Grey Ranks and Wolfgang Baur for Open Design
09:38 Perrin's 3 Cool Things
Seeing Cool People
Demoing Messiah for Paul Tevis (Paul Tevis not pictured here:
Playtesting Mecha for two different groups
12:51 Rich's 3 Cool Things
Star Wars PTA... top game of 2008 for me
running Don't Read Your Head and having an awesome time (
meeting and interviewing Vincent Baker (, thanks Clyde Rhoer!
16:50 Things we learned for next GenCon
Don't Overschedule
Show up early for the Indie RPG Awards and get a map of downtown Indy
Embassy Suites at night really is still awesome
19:58 Episode 50 of Canon Puncture Show coming soon
20:14 3.5 Sanctuary promo (
21:14 Gamers Equipment Guide, part 1: Offworld Designs
Pics of the Handy Haversack can be found here: (
Buy it here: (
23:16 Gamers Equipment Guide, part 2: Q Workshop
Q-Workshop's website, go see the pretty dice: (
26:17 Gamers Equipment Guide, part 3: Dwarven Sweatshoppe
A Pic of one of the dice boxes can be found here: (
Dwarven Sweatshoppe's website, buy some place to roll the pretty dice: (
31:15 Rich's PS: Urban Myths comic book
Go here and read the awesome comic Urban Myths: (
Go here and vote for the comic to become a series! (

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Monday, August 11, 2008

CPS 47, GenCon 2008 Preview

CPS 47, GenCon 2008 Preview


Sunday, August 10, 2008

CPS 46, Sojourn 66 Debrief (PTA)

CP 46, Sojourn 66 Debrief (PTA)


PS: The intro is Rich doing his impression of the lead singer of the 80s glam rock band Cinderella.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

CPS 45, Ashcan Front '08 (Repost)

Canon Puncture Show 45

01:03 GBN promo
01:10 Rich's intro
02:06 Ashcan 2007 rehash
07:48 Ashcan 2008 Changes
10:19 Misspent Youth and Beowulf
11:16 Blood Red Sands
12:53 Black Cadillacs
14:04 Bullseye
15:22 Secrets and Lies
16:37 Silence Keeps Me A Victim
18:07 Messiah
19:08 The Rustbelt
21:27 Dark Pages
23:26 Tales of the Fisherman's Wife
24:18 Kagematsu
27:48 Who should buy an Ashcan?
32:33 Rich's wrap-up

Ashcan Front (
Play Collective (
The Forge (
IPR - Indie Press Revolution (
Sweet Agatha (
Penny For Your Thoughts (

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

CPS-AP Star Wars L PTA The End

Canon Puncture Actual Play Recording
Star Wars L using Primetime Adventures rules, part 6 (The End)

00:18 Intro of the last episode, discussion of GenCon 2008
01:20 Discussion of "Was this game parody or homage?"
02:25 Mick's scene: Kashyyyk faces down Darth Akbar (listen for Judd's quote "Don't play the scene, set the scene"... classic PTA advice)
08:15 Judd's scene: Darth Akbar is escaping! "Oh heck no!" says Han (Paul) and Chodox (Rich)12:15 Next Time Ons
15:22 Judd and Paul talk about their PTA experiences, we assign screen presence and then bask in the glow of a great game (its embarassing how much we bask, really)
23:00 Judd's "One jerk can kill this" speech about PTA (wait for the D&D reference)
24:08 Outtro

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