Thursday, August 28, 2008

CPS 49, GenCon 2008 Goodies

Canon Puncture Show Episode 49

00:03 Intro Music
01:00 promo
01:06 Episode 49 Pre-ramble
02:30 Hidden Grid promo (
02:57 9 cool things that we saw or did at GenCon 2008 (inspired by Jason Morningstar's "One Cool Thing I saw at GenCon 2008":
05:25 Norwood's 3 Cool Things
Games on Demand room
Zebraman (
Kagematsu and Ashcan Front (
08:44 Our Cool Thing #0 Diana Jones Awards Winners Jason Morningstar for Grey Ranks and Wolfgang Baur for Open Design
09:38 Perrin's 3 Cool Things
Seeing Cool People
Demoing Messiah for Paul Tevis (Paul Tevis not pictured here:
Playtesting Mecha for two different groups
12:51 Rich's 3 Cool Things
Star Wars PTA... top game of 2008 for me
running Don't Read Your Head and having an awesome time (
meeting and interviewing Vincent Baker (, thanks Clyde Rhoer!
16:50 Things we learned for next GenCon
Don't Overschedule
Show up early for the Indie RPG Awards and get a map of downtown Indy
Embassy Suites at night really is still awesome
19:58 Episode 50 of Canon Puncture Show coming soon
20:14 3.5 Sanctuary promo (
21:14 Gamers Equipment Guide, part 1: Offworld Designs
Pics of the Handy Haversack can be found here: (
Buy it here: (
23:16 Gamers Equipment Guide, part 2: Q Workshop
Q-Workshop's website, go see the pretty dice: (
26:17 Gamers Equipment Guide, part 3: Dwarven Sweatshoppe
A Pic of one of the dice boxes can be found here: (
Dwarven Sweatshoppe's website, buy some place to roll the pretty dice: (
31:15 Rich's PS: Urban Myths comic book
Go here and read the awesome comic Urban Myths: (
Go here and vote for the comic to become a series! (

Download this episode directly here:


Doc said...

sNORT. I travel a lot. Over 20 cities this year. Indianapolis is one of the easiest downtowns to navigate ever. It's a roman grid. The only thing they could do to make it easier is label the streets A, B, C, D, E ... going one way and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... going the other. I sympathize, though, it sucks getting turned around in a downtown when you are on a tight schedule.

Great show. I look forward to season 2. Congrats on the DJ nomination.

Orklord said...

Thanks for the mockery and congrats, Doc! I feel alternatively good and bad now. :)

Anonymous said...

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