Thursday, August 7, 2008

CPS-AP Star Wars L PTA The End

Canon Puncture Actual Play Recording
Star Wars L using Primetime Adventures rules, part 6 (The End)

00:18 Intro of the last episode, discussion of GenCon 2008
01:20 Discussion of "Was this game parody or homage?"
02:25 Mick's scene: Kashyyyk faces down Darth Akbar (listen for Judd's quote "Don't play the scene, set the scene"... classic PTA advice)
08:15 Judd's scene: Darth Akbar is escaping! "Oh heck no!" says Han (Paul) and Chodox (Rich)12:15 Next Time Ons
15:22 Judd and Paul talk about their PTA experiences, we assign screen presence and then bask in the glow of a great game (its embarassing how much we bask, really)
23:00 Judd's "One jerk can kill this" speech about PTA (wait for the D&D reference)
24:08 Outtro

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