Saturday, August 9, 2008

CPS 45, Ashcan Front '08 (Repost)

Canon Puncture Show 45

01:03 GBN promo
01:10 Rich's intro
02:06 Ashcan 2007 rehash
07:48 Ashcan 2008 Changes
10:19 Misspent Youth and Beowulf
11:16 Blood Red Sands
12:53 Black Cadillacs
14:04 Bullseye
15:22 Secrets and Lies
16:37 Silence Keeps Me A Victim
18:07 Messiah
19:08 The Rustbelt
21:27 Dark Pages
23:26 Tales of the Fisherman's Wife
24:18 Kagematsu
27:48 Who should buy an Ashcan?
32:33 Rich's wrap-up

Ashcan Front (
Play Collective (
The Forge (
IPR - Indie Press Revolution (
Sweet Agatha (
Penny For Your Thoughts (

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Kevin Allen Jr. said...

Paul is 100% correct. Sweet Agatha WILL be at Gen Con this year, at the Design Matters booth. Booth #1940, right across the aisle from IPR.

Anonymous said...

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