Monday, May 25, 2009

CPS 064, Ten-Foot Poles

Rich and Mick are joined once again by Judd Karlman for a rousing discussion of play experiences, opinions, and ideas inspired by the following bits of treasure we gleaned during the last week of March. Episode 64 is unleashed!:

* But I’m Your Long Lost Brother! from Bonescroll
* Demihuman Oddities from Grognardia
* Skill Resolution from Keep on the Gaming Lands
* Optimism, Action, and How To Be The Neighborhood Pulp Hero from Tim Byrd
* Hard Boiled Cultures from OBE, Evil Hat and the S7S preorder on IPR

The “Ryan Macklin” promo was actually Clyde Rhoer of the excellent podcast Theory From the Closet.

This episode is sponsored by RPGNow.

Direct download of the episode here: