Sunday, March 22, 2009

CPS 062, A Corpse of Course

CPS 062, A Corpse of Course

Recorded on March 11th. Rich, Norwood and Mick gather to bring you the best of the week's booty and Ryan Macklin stops by to talk about NPC-only scenes.

Show Notes for CP62:
  • Pathfinder License

  • Geek Related Breakdown of the Pathfinder License

  • The Reputation Economy on Deconstructing Infinity (thanks Judd)

  • Roleplaying as an Equisite Corpse on To RPG, or not to RPG, that is the question

  • Equisite Corpse on wikipedia

  • Role Playing Games Considered as a Creative Writing Course on Ideas by David Friedman

  • PaizoCon June 12-14

  • FUMCon April 10-12

  • WeddingCon Dec 11-13

  • NPC-only Scenes with Ryan Macklin
This episode sponsored by RPGnow!

To discuss this episode with us, please visit the Canon Puncture website

Theme song is The Pirate Song by Vancefurd, found on the Podsafe Music Network

Direct Download of the episode can be found here:


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