Monday, April 28, 2008

CPAP Star Wars L PTA Pt 2

Canon Puncture Actual Play Recording

Star Wars L using Primetime Adventures rules, part 2 (NSFW)

00:18 Recap of last AP episode, promo and set-up for current segment

03:10 Rich's scene w/ Chodox Fett with Han Calrissian (Paul) and Kashyyyk (Mick), with Obi Wan (Daniel) watching from afar

04:59 First Interruption

10:51 Paul's scene w/ Han and Kashyyk

12:50 Mick asks about asking out of character questions

13:47 Daniel's scene w/ Obi Wan & everyone, conflict over C-3PO

18:36 Mick's scene w/ Kashyyyk

22:00 Second Interruption (with Rich walking away briefly)

26:18 Outtro


  • Han Calrissian, Heir to Clan Calrissian

"He's the person you'd least suspect to be a traitor to the Skywalker dynasty."

"I wear a vest."

Issue: "Am I really willing to risk all of this to do what I think is right?"

Edges: "Imperial Noble"

"People Owe Me"

Connections: Matron Calrissian (mother)

Personal Set: His private retreat on Bespin

  • Kashyyyk, Wookie Messiah

Issue: "The wookie enslavement and banishment must stop. I've got to free my people"

Edges: "Let the wookie win"

"Wookie Messiah"

Connections: Bodyguard for Han Calrissian

Personal Set: Hidden asteroid in the Kashyyk asteroid belt

  • Obi-Wan Skywalker, Recalcitrant Jedi

Issue: The enemy is my family and I must bring them down.

Edges: "Light Side, Dark Side, it doesn't matter anymore."

"I refuse to die until the Skywalker tyranny is over."

Connections: The Jedi Council within the Jedi Holocron

Personal Set: The Last Jedi Holocron

  • Chodox Fett, greatest starfighter in the galaxy

Issue: Am I more machine than man? How much of this is still me?

Edges: "Tech Speak" - can jack directly into computers and speaks droid

"He is known as the best fighter pilot in the galaxy"

Connections: Mentor Darth Akbar, Sith Advisor

Personal Set: Hangar where Xhodox is rebuilding a Y-Wing by hand


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Daniel M. Perez said...

Sweet. I played in the game, and I'm enjoying going through it again!

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