Monday, April 14, 2008

CP 32, Con GMing, Indie and Trad RPGs

(00:48) Tastee Ghoul (from the Underground RPG)
(00:57) Episode 32 Preambling
(02:27) Ryan Macklin of the Master Plan on Con GMing
I-Convention (
Carl Rigney (a guy I want to play with someday)
Endgame Oakland (
(22:14) Dark Whispers, official podcast of Sinister Adventures and sponsor of this episode of Canon Puncture. Check them out! (
(23:07) Chris Perrin and Chris Norwood on stories in trad RPGs
(37:54) promo by Fred Hicks
(38:02) Rich Rogers on Journey to Indie Games, Part 1: Conflict vs. Task Resolution

Games Mentioned (in no particular order)

Intro music is Fat Girls Fighting by 3rd Day Syndrome

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