Friday, May 23, 2008

CP 34, Malcolm Craig n More

CP 34, Malcolm Craig, Player Stances and Making Combat More Dramatic:

(01:03) Golbin Broadcasting Network identification
(01:09) Episode 34 Preambling
(02:15) promo
(02:22) Making combat more dramatic with the Chrises and Rich
(16:15) Wolfgang Baur bump
(16:25) Player Stances with Mick Bradley, Rich and the Chrises
(31:22) Nuketown Radioactive promo
(31:33) Interview with Malcolm Craig by Chris Perrin
(45:49) VoiceMail from Ken Newquist!
(47:38) The Chrises repond to Ken
(49:22) This show brought to you in part by Ares Arms (Shadowrun)
(49:37) Outtro


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