Monday, December 31, 2007

CP 27, Gamer Resolutions


  • Rich Rogers
  • Chris Perrin
  • Seth Ben Ezra (author of Dirty Secrets and Legends of Alyria)

Items of Discussion:

  • Rich and Chris's 2007 Gamer Resolutions (
  • Ryan Macklin's bump (check out Master Plan here:
  • Rich and Chris's 2008 Gamer Resolutions
  • Chris's Resolutions:
  • Pass the Pigs is AWESOME
  • Play Contenders, BSG the RPG, Contenders
  • A crossover with folks from the Game Master Show (, sorry, Mario, I was just kidding
  • Buy Ptolus, Mekaton and Universalis
  • Be a better GM
  • Be a better player by bringing the fun to the whole table
  • lose 40 lbs.
  • be a better person
  • release an ashcan of Neoborn Genesis Honor Blade
  • Echoes from the Rift podcast (
  • Rich's Game Resolutions for 2008:
  • Play a GMless game, hopefully Polaris (check the AP from Have Games, Will Travel:
  • GM a game at a convention for strangers and get to know them through play
  • Join Master Mines (
  • Complete a rough draft of Decommissioned
  • Alpha playtest Decommissioned
  • Run/Play Shab-Al-Hiri Roach, the Shadow of Yesterday, Sorceror, Dictionary of Mu, Cold City, Monsters and other childish things, Zorceror of Zo, Spirit of the Century, and D&D 4th Edition
  • promo for Nuketown Radioactive (
  • Settings discussion with Seth Ben Ezra at a pizza joint in Indy during GenCon 2007
  • Last Generation (a futuristic sci-fi apocolypse game by Perrin, currently being re-written)

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