Monday, January 21, 2008

CP 28, Wolfgang Baur


  • Wolfgang Baur (creator of Open Design and Kobold Quarterly)
  • Rich Rogers
  • Chris Perrin

Items of Discussion:

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Ken Newquist said...

Audio problems aside, great interview guys -- thanks for posting it!

I just subscribed to Kobold Quarterly in its print form -- I greatly missed having that monthly gaming fix in the form of Dragon Magazine, and while Wolfgang's offering only comes out quarterly, it does help fill that immense void.

btw, I tried out some of the links in this blog post, but unfortunately none of them go anywhere; they all have incomplete URLS of http:///

Canon Puncture said...


Thanks for the feedback and I'm with you on KQ replacing the Dragon fix I'm missing.

I fixed all the links, thanks for the heads up!

Rich aka Orklord

Thomas said...

I really liked the discussion about the Planescape slang. Especially because my pixie thief in a Planescape campaign was named "Berk".

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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