Wednesday, December 5, 2007

CP 25, Red 5 Studios


* Ed Stark of Red 5 Studios

* David Williams of Red 5 Studios

* Rich, Norwood and Perrin


* Computer RPGs (Bioshock, Wizardry, Final Fantasy 7, Neverwinter Nights, KoTOR, Condemned and FEAR)

* Article about Red 5 Studios:

Ed Stark

Ed has spent more than fifteen years designing and writing games in the paper-and-pencil roleplaying game industry and looks to continue his success at Red 5 Studios. As a novelist, Ed has written science fiction, fantasy, and pulp fiction novels and short stories. Ed comes to Red 5 from Wizards of the Coast, where he spent twelve years as a game designer, creative director, design manager, and special projects manager (depending on when you check his resume). Most notably Ed was the creative director during the design of the Third Edition and “version 3.5” editions of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. In recent years, Ed coordinated efforts between Wizards, Atari, and various developers and design houses to bring D&D to the computer screen, working on such titles as Neverwinter Nights 2, Demonstone, D&D Heroes, and D&D Online: Stormreach.

Dave Williams

David hails from the tabletop gaming industry where he spent the last decade creating and developing award-winning and best selling games for Alderac Entertainment Group and Wizards of the Coast. He is best known for creating Legend of the Five Rings®, and a ludicrous number of other collectible card games, including Doomtown®, Warlord®, and most recently the City of Heroes® CCG. David's games have received numerous Game of the Year awards, and he himself was named "Designer of the Year" by Inquest magazine. When he's not logged into one of his many electronic fantasy lives, David studies kenjutsu, baseball box scores, and his navel.

About Red 5

Founded in September 2005 by key members behind Blizzard Entertainment®'s World of WarCraft®, including Team Lead Mark Kern, Art Director William Petras, and co-founder of Blizzard Korea Taewon Yun, Red 5 Studios is dedicated to bringing together millions of gamers across the world by creating immersive worlds, intriguing stories and compelling characters.

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