Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Feed Problems

Sorry to everyone who tried downloaded Ep 23 and 24 and go Episode 11. We're still trying to understand what went wrong between our blog and the feed, but the issue should be correct now.

Download those two episodes, both interviews rock! Luke Crane and Jared Sorensen know their stuff.



Rob said...

Guys, the last 2 episodes have been repeats of your first Palladium show, the one where the three of you talk about the Palladium system at length. I'm getting the show from iTunes if that makes a difference.

Thomas said...

I'm using Ziepod and still have the same problems. Even deleting the subscription and resubscribing, I still get episode 11. (Although now, Luke's name is spelled correctly.)

Thomas said...

And now Ziepod has finally picked up the last few episodes. Did you guys force something with the rss feed?

Canon Puncture said...

OK, it really really should be fixed now. I have downloaded both 23 and 24 successfully. We've moved the synch to libsyn and we're probably going to have to abandon the blogspot account as the rss because we just can't figure out what the heck is wrong.

Yeah and this is Rich. I misspelled Luke's last name and I feel completely stupid about it.

Guys, thanks so much for giving us the heads up that this feed was broken. I really appreciate your help.

I will say... holy crap does libsyn download the podcast fast this way!

Thomas said...


Daniel M. Perez said...

Coolness, I was like, "NOOOOO!!!" but now I'm like, "YES!!!"

Also, your MySpace page is not showing up.