Thursday, July 31, 2008

CPS-AP Star Wars L PTA Pt 5

Canon Puncture Actual Play Recording
Star Wars L using Primetime Adventures rules, part 5 (NSFW)

00:18 Intro, promo and explanation of the game
01:58 Mick muses on what Kashyyyk could have done with a bunch of wookies
02:24 Rich's scene (after a couple tries): Party arrives in Bespin system and see a second moon; Han (Paul) avoids it while Chodox (Rich) attacks it
08:02 Paul's scene: The Falcon lands: the wookie commandos, Kashyyyk (Mick), and Obi Wan (Daniel) storm the castle... uhh, enter Cloud City
14:34 Daniel's scene: Obi Wan faces off with Darth Akbar... this scene took an unexpected turn and really cooked!
23:17 Promo for Wandering Geek podcast, vote for the ENnies!!!
24:32 Outtro

  • Han Calrissian, Heir to Clan Calrissian

"He's the person you'd least suspect to be a traitor to the Skywalker dynasty.""I wear a vest."
Issue: "Am I really willing to risk all of this to do what I think is right?"
Edges: "Imperial Noble""People Owe Me"
Connections: Matron Calrissian (mother)Personal Set: His private retreat on Bespin

  • Kashyyyk, Wookie Messiah
Issue: "The wookie enslavement and banishment must stop. I've got to free my people"
Edges: "Let the wookie win""Wookie Messiah"
Connections: Bodyguard for Han Calrissian
Personal Set: Hidden asteroid in the Kashyyk asteroid belt

  • Obi-Wan Skywalker, Recalcitrant Jedi
Issue: The enemy is my family and I must bring them down.
Edges: "Light Side, Dark Side, it doesn't matter anymore.""I refuse to die until the Skywalker tyranny is over."
Connections: The Jedi Council within the Jedi HolocronPersonal Set: The Last Jedi Holocron

  • Chodox Fett, greatest starfighter in the galaxy
Issue: "Am I more machine than man? How much of this is still me?"
Edges: "Tech Speak" - can jack directly into computers and speaks droid"He is known as the best fighter pilot in the galaxy"Connections: Mentor Darth Akbar, Sith AdvisorPersonal Set: Hangar where Xhodox is rebuilding a Y-Wing by hand


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Anonymous said...

I've just started listening to these episodes and am quite enjoying them (the parts I can make out anyway). Is there any talk of doing this game again this year at GenCon?

Orklord said...


Thanks for the compliment about SW PTA. Yes, we are playing the next "episode" at Gencon '08. woot

Anonymous said...




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