Monday, July 7, 2008

CP-AP Star Wars L PTA Pt 4

Canon Puncture Actual Play Recording
Star Wars L using Primetime Adventures rules, part 4 (NSFW)

00:18 Intro, promo and set-up for current segment
02:05 The Story So Far
05:35 Mick's scene: Kashyyyk (Mick) and Han (Paul) look for the golden droid in the wrecked Savannah Crawler. Han makes a decision about his future (with musical accompaniment)
12:32 Judd's scene: Han, approaching an old freighter, sees a ghost and talks with her
15:40 Rich's scene (after whining about his set piece): Chodox (Rich) and Obi Wan (Daniel) speak with R2-D2 about times past; Judd narrates an AWESOME holicron monologue
23:00 Paul's scene: All four PCs "reconcile some differences" Daniel reveals an unknown fact about the pair of droids
26:17 Judd's scene: Chodox and R2-D2 chat briefly about why R2 is interested in the rebellion
27:45 Daniel's scene: Obi Wan introduces some unexpected allies to Kashyyyk and Han
30:56 Mick's scene: Plot scene of PCs flying off to Bespin
33:42 Judd's scene: Darth Akbar speaks with a minion who has brought him a 3PO unit
36:01 Outtro

  • Han Calrissian, Heir to Clan Calrissian

"He's the person you'd least suspect to be a traitor to the Skywalker dynasty.""I wear a vest."

Issue: "Am I really willing to risk all of this to do what I think is right?"

Edges: "Imperial Noble""People Owe Me"

Connections: Matron Calrissian (mother)Personal Set: His private retreat on Bespin

  • Kashyyyk, Wookie Messiah

Issue: "The wookie enslavement and banishment must stop. I've got to free my people"

Edges: "Let the wookie win""Wookie Messiah"

Connections: Bodyguard for Han Calrissian

Personal Set: Hidden asteroid in the Kashyyk asteroid belt

  • Obi-Wan Skywalker, Recalcitrant Jedi

Issue: The enemy is my family and I must bring them down.

Edges: "Light Side, Dark Side, it doesn't matter anymore.""I refuse to die until the Skywalker tyranny is over."

Connections: The Jedi Council within the Jedi HolocronPersonal Set: The Last Jedi Holocron

  • Chodox Fett, greatest starfighter in the galaxy

Issue: "Am I more machine than man? How much of this is still me?"

Edges: "Tech Speak" - can jack directly into computers and speaks droid"He is known as the best fighter pilot in the galaxy"Connections: Mentor Darth Akbar, Sith AdvisorPersonal Set: Hangar where Xhodox is rebuilding a Y-Wing by hand


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