Tuesday, October 9, 2007

CP 20, Sweet Agatha and Shadowcoil

Show 20


  • Chris Norwood
  • Rich Rogers
  • Chris Perrin
  • Special Guest: Kevin Allen Jr. (designer of Primitive and Sweet Agatha)
Subjects of Discussion:
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Joe Murphy (Broin) said...


I enjoyed the first chunk of the podcast. Your experiences building Shadowcoil were all interesting.

The guy with a poor microphone needs a better microphone.

You should use each other's names more often so I can tell who's who. Helps me bild up a picture of who I agree with, disagree with, appreciate more or less, etc.

I couldn't make out a thing in the Sweet Agatha section.

Canon Puncture said...

Joe, the guy with the bad mic was all me (Rich). I thought I was setting the new recorder I bought for GenCon to record in a loud environment, but instead I put it on a setting that lowered the audio quality to save space.

So, it was all my fault.


Annick said...

Good words.