Monday, August 27, 2007

CP 16, Post GenCon '07 Take 01

Show 16


  • Common Dialog (Chris Perrin)

  • Orklord (Rich Rogers)

  • Daniel M. Perez

  • James Brown (game designer)

Subjects of Discussion:

  • Gamer Traveler Podcast

    • Blood and Bronze (check the pic of the Without Peer edition on the blog!)

    • Gray Ranks

    • Steal Away Jordan

    • Have Games, Will Travel #100

    • Pinnacle

    • Green Ronin

    • Palladium
    Show Notes:
    GenCon 2007 (

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    1 comment:

    Josh Hoade said...

    Great podcast! I especially love the part where Perrin asks if Danny has everything, and Danny distinctly forgets to give him my Ipod. =)