Sunday, July 22, 2007

CP 13, ENnies

Show 13

  • Norwood
  • Orklord
  • Common Dialog
  • Judd Karlman

Subjects of Discussion:
1. Quick rundown of our recommendations for ENnie voting
2. Interview with Judd Karlman of Sons of Kryos, Dictionary of Mu and so much more

Show Notes:

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Thomas said...

I'm listening right now where Judd was talking about podcasts and journalism. Judd mentions how Pulp Gamer got an interview with a guy from Paizo a few days after the licenses for Dungeon and Dragons magazine were pulled. This'll blow Judd's mind -- Pulp Gamer had that interview the day the end of Dragon and Dungeon was announced.

Brian I said...

Thanks for the mention for 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction. I really busted my tail to get the Origins roundtable (Episode 20) posted asap. Chris shot it to me Sunday night when he landed, and we had it up for Monday morning. It's not like you get great content with Paul Tevis, Ken Hite, and Fred Hicks every day ... ;)

What was even more amazing was how quickly folks linked to it and mentioned it. I'm always a bit stunned by our listeners (in a good way).

Definitely great to be in the company of our emerging gaming podcasts / new media.

Anonymous said...

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