Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Canon Puncture Show Gen Con 08 Round Table

Tasty Bacon Games


Plumbago Lounge

Misspent Youth

Dark Omen Games


Grant's Artists:
Bradley K McDevitt

Louis Porter, Jr Design

The Wire


Grant on Clyde's open mike

Gwendolyn's portfolio

Independent Insurgency

Publisher's Graphics


The Wandering Geek Podcast


Jonathan Walton said...

Hey, your Scribus link is bogus. You want this one:

Orklord said...

Thanks, Jonathan. It is fixed now.

Orklord said...

For the listeners who might have trouble with this episode downloading: I tried to re-edit the file because there was a gaffe (the interview was right channel only. Then I re-uploaded the edited file with the same file name and re-published. I was able to download through itunes just now, so there appears to only be a problem with the original file.

If you're having trouble, try to unsubscribe and re-subscribe (again). Sorry for the trouble.

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